TRONTEQ’s ROQSTARs Make a Comeback on the Main Stage of the RNTP 2021 in Toulouse
3 Sep, 2021

One of the current challenges for public transport authorities and operators is to digitalize vehicles. This requires sophisticated IP networks that connect, monitor and control on-board telematics. Ethernet switches, which act as a central mediator in the network, are of crucial importance. For three days, from September 28 to 30, our ROQSTAR switches will be the stars of the main stage at the RNTP 2021 (Rencontres Nationales Du Transport Public) festival in Toulouse. Come and meet them at booth 61c to find out why ROQSTAR switches are always the number one hit.

The Rencontres Nationales Du Transport Public (RNTP) is an essential venue for learning, sharing and discovering the ever-changing public transportation industry. RNTP 2021 brings together mobility professionals from all sectors to provide a stage for innovations in urban, intercity, regional and national travel.

During RNTP 2021, TRONTEQ’s ROQSTAR switches will make their first major appearance in recent times. The show goes on, or rather begins again, from September 28-30 at booth 61c with the following playlist:


“Set Me Free”
The story of a public authority and an operator who effortlessly create an in-vehicle Ethernet network infrastructure for telematics using ROQSTARs. The magic refrain is: self-configuration.


“Play With Me”
The ROQSTARs sing about their popularity. Their music appeals to everyone. The lyrics are universal and very easy to learn. Playing with them does not require any special knowledge, whatever the audience (operator, integrator…).


“Unchain My Heart”
(Happy song) A breakup between a demanding ticketing and a video supervisor who were mixing their lives awkwardly. The ROQSTARs tell the story of how they separated and secured the on-board services, to the benefit of the operator. More at the TRONTEQ booth 61c.


“What’s Going On?”
A track on the relevance of information. The ROQSTARs are aware of everything and inform the operator at the right time. This allows the operator to check the on-board equipment at any time and to detect any false notes in order to carry out maintenance work.


“Universal Sound”
A story about the commitment of ROQSTAR, active members of the ITxPT artist community who carry the Transmodel concept in their DNA. Playing the same music everywhere, understood in all cultures.

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Our products are fundamental for the digitalization in public transport. ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches provide the network infrastructure for e-ticketing, passenger counting systems (PCS), dynamic passenger information (DPI) and closed-circuit television (CCTV).


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