Vehicles as Data Centers: Insights from UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2023

19 Jun, 2023
TRONTEQ Exhibitor at UITP Summit 2023 Barcelona

The UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2023, held in Barcelona, Spain, brought together industry leaders, professionals, and organizations to get industry insights and network with peers and customers. Among the distinguished participants was TRONTEQ, a specialist in advanced onboard technologies for public transport vehicles. Led by CEO Juri Martinevski, TRONTEQ showcased its Ethernet Switches, highlighting the pivotal role of vehicle connectivity in enhancing the attractiveness and efficiency of public transport services.

UITP Global Public Transport Summit: A Platform for Knowledge Exchange and Industry Collaboration

UITP, an advocate for sustainable urban mobility, actively promotes the use of public transport as an environmentally friendly and efficient mode of transportation. Its extensive reach encompasses various public transport modes, such as buses, trams, metro systems, light rail, and ferries, while also addressing critical aspects of the industry, including planning, financing, operations, and technology. As a platform for knowledge exchange and industry collaboration, UITP hosts events, conferences, and exhibitions where professionals can delve into the latest trends and innovations in public transportation.

The Importance of Data for Public Transport Services

TRONTEQ’s participation centered around showcasing our advanced Ethernet Switches, which serve as the backbone for connected vehicles. Data acquisition, transportation, and processing emerged as key trends in the industry. Live data availability plays a crucial role in providing passengers with real-time information about their journey, including updates on delays, incidents, and occupancy levels. This wealth of information enables passengers to make informed decisions, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the public transport service.

In addition to benefiting passengers, the availability of data also empowers operators to improve operational efficiency. Automated counting systems and historical datasets enable operators to optimize vehicle sizes and frequencies based on user demand per route and time. However, TRONTEQ noted that while operators recognize the significance of a robust and reliable network infrastructure within buses and railway vehicles, the implementation and transition to IP-based onboard infrastructure remain a work in progress.

TRONTEQ’s Vision for State-of-the-Art Technology and Data-Driven Innovation in Public Transport

In his presentation at the summit, TRONTEQ’s CEO, Juri Martinevski, emphasized the necessity of investing in state-of-the-art technology for buses and trams. By treating vehicles as data centers, these transport systems can provide vital information to authorities, operators, and passengers alike.

TRONTEQ is participating in the ITxPT initiative to standardize IT systems in vehicles in the public transport industry. We are also monitoring new and emerging projects like DATA4PT.

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