EN 50155 Standard

Significance for Ethernet Switches and Onboard Electronics

Importance of Railway Certification

Electronic devices within trains serve a vital function, managing, monitoring, supplying, diagnosing, and safeguarding the vehicle. These electronics must be resilient enough to meet the specific demands of rail vehicles. The European standard DIN EN 50155 regulates the railway suitability of such devices, although there is another international standard, IEC 60571. DIN EN 50155 holds the esteemed position of being the widely acknowledged and utilized railway standard. Certification in line with DIN EN 50155 guarantees that electronic equipment can endure the challenging conditions of rail transportation.

The Railway Standard DIN EN 50155 at a Glance

From the initial stages of design, construction, and testing to the ongoing operation, all electronic equipment utilized in railroad vehicles for the purposes of control, regulation, supply, diagnostics, and protection must adhere to the EN 50155 type approval. This standard also outlines the fundamental hardware and software prerequisites for ensuring the functionality and dependability of the equipment.

Electronic equipment encompasses a range of devices primarily composed of semiconductor components and their associated parts, including sensors, assembled printed circuit boards, and power electronics.

Operational Considerations

Concerning operation, the standard specifies precise requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and environmental factors. This includes parameters such as temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration, all of which hold significant importance for achieving railroad approval.



Technical Specifications

The standard lays down explicit criteria for technical characteristics, encompassing components and structure. This means that only electronics that meet the special requirements for rail applications are used in rail vehicles.

Service Life, Maintainability, and Reliability

An additional crucial facet of DIN EN 50155 is the delineation of criteria for the service life of the electronics, their ease of maintenance, and their reliability, all of which are vital for obtaining type approval. This ensures that the electronics operate consistently and in compliance with the stipulated standards throughout their usage in rail transportation. 

Documentation and Testing

The standard also mandates requirements for comprehensive documentation and testing. The device must maintain its intended operation both during and after the testing process. Any decrease in performance or loss of function below the level specified by the manufacturer is not permissible when the device is used according to its intended purpose.

Test Methods for the Functionality of Electronics

In order to ensure the optimal performance of electronics within trains, the EN 50155 railroad standard relies on specific test specifications. These specifications encompass a range of environmental conditions, including shocks, vibrations, exposure to salt, fog, and similar influences. Additionally, the standard accommodates fluctuations in the supply voltages, ranging from 0.6 times to 1.4 times the nominal voltage.

EN 50155 makes reference to other test methods and standards and categorizes their outcomes. Specifically, the standard defines requirements related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in accordance with the EN 50121 standard, while fire protection specifications for rail vehicles are governed by the EN 45545 standard.

Role of EN50155 Certification for Ethernet Switches in the Public Transportation

Beyond its application to general electronics in rail vehicles, DIN EN 50155 holds a crucial significance for Ethernet switches employed in public transport (PT). These switches undergo comprehensive testing pertaining to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), fire protection prerequisites, environmental conditions, and more. These assessments are conducted to ensure that the switches not only meet the specific demands in public transport but also adhere to the established standards for railroad approval.

4GE + 12FE Managed M12 Push-Pull PoE Gigabit Ethernet Switch

The confirmation of adherence to the standard is facilitated through a manufacturer’s declaration of conformity and a technical test report issued by an accredited laboratory. This certification process guarantees that the Ethernet switches utilized in public transport can endure substantial vibrations, shock, extreme temperatures, and are sanctioned for deployment in accordance with the railroad standard.

ROQSTAR Gigabit network switches possess E-Mark (E1) certification and adhere to EN 50155 standards, making them an optimal choice for deployment within rail vehicles. All ROQSTAR network switches, certified under EN 50155, have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their unwavering performance and reliability, even in the face of extreme conditions. Their exceptional features extend to the printed circuit boards, which are fortified with an extra layer of safeguarding in the form of a specialized conformal coating.

From the Field

Montpellier Modernizes Trams Using EN 50155-Certified ROQSTAR Ethernet Switches

ROQSTAR Ethernet Switches have been instrumental in the digitalization of trams for TaM Montpellier. This integration has facilitated the standardization and modernization of telematics, guaranteeing dependable real-time data and improved passenger contentment. As a result, a robust Ethernet infrastructure was established, serving as the fundamental support for all on-board services.

Tram Tramway de Montpellier public transport transit transportation in France

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