ROQSTAR Entourage

A Powerful Bundle of Software Tools for Vehicle Networks


ROQSTAR Entourage is a comprehensive set of tools and features that provide support in all stages of network design projects, from engineering and installation to operation.

For All Project Stages and Roles

Seamless Integration On All Levels

Real-time Collaboration

Network engineer changes are instantly visible to technicians and administrators, ensuring seamless collaboration and eliminating delays and data inconsistency when transitioning between different stages of the project.

Real-time Integration

The application ensures tight integration between design and its implementation. Changes made in the network design are reflected in real-time for installation and operation, and vice versa.

Bi-directional Connectivity

The tools maintain connectivity between network components, settings, physical wiring, and configurations, ensuring up-to-date status. This bi-directional relation guaratees design consistency across all project stages.

Concept & Design

IP-based systems in public transport vehicles include passenger information, automated passenger counting, payment, video surveillance, and passenger Wi-Fi. Network design projects typically start by analyzing desired applications and their IP network requirements, followed by defining the network architecture. This involves creating a high-level network overview, outlining its structure, components, and infrastructure, such as routers and switches. Engineers then define the IP address scheme, segmentation, and protocols.


Network Design With Ease

ROQSTAR Studio is an application tailored for network design in public transport. It allows engineers to setup a project and define the overall network infrastructure by placing the components, drawing the network schematics and defining general settings. The advanced features of ROQSTAR Studio ensure precise and effective network design.

Feature Overview

Setup Project and Define Network Infrastructure:

  • Set up projects, place components, and define network settings
  • Create network schematics to visualize infrastructure

Design, Data, and Component Management

  • Secure design consistency and efficiency with templates
  • Tailor data sets for each vehicle, including wiring diagrams, connectivity schemes, configuration files, and acceptance checklists
  • Manage components and maintain accurate capabilities

Manufacturing Outputs and Data Management:

  • Generate manufacturing outputs, including installation drawings and acceptance test checklists
  • Store all project outputs in a real-time accessible database for use in further project stages

Installation & Deployment

Once the network design phase is complete, the next step is implementation. This involves installing and wiring the network devices, configuring them, and establishing connectivity, primarily on layer 2 and layer 3. These activities need to be carried out directly within the vehicle.

ROQSTAR Stage Manager

Effortless Network Implementation for Technicians

To assist technicians during the implementation phase, TRONTEQ presents ROQSTAR Stage Manager—a user-firendly mobile app designed to streamline the installation and troubleshooting of vehicle networks. This tool makes use of the data sets provided by ROQSTAR Studio, ensuring a cohesive workflow. The ROQSTAR Stage Manager app is accessible via tablet, utilizing network connectivity through the dedicated ROQSTAR Ethernet Switch.

Feature Overview

Installation and Deployment Support:

  • Supports installation and troubleshooting within the vehicle network
  • Allows selection of the vehicle for installation
  • Ensures deployment with correct and consistent data (configurations, network settings)
  • Uses data set generated by ROQSTAR Studio

Network Topology Visualization and Monitoring:

  • Provides graphic interface displaying the IP network topology
  • Technicians can oversee installation and make real-time corrections

Design Rule Check and Documentation:

  • Performs a design rule check and documents the results after all tasks are accomplished

Operation & Maintenance

In the concluding phase of a vehicle network project, the vehicle operates according to its regular schedule while the network functions as intended. The primary objective at this stage is network maintenance, which involves activities like monitoring network performance and events, replacing devices if needed, updating device software, and adjusting settings or configurations to enhance network security, efficiency, or coverage.


Automated Network Operation

A very efficient approach to ensure seamless operations involves task automation executed through remote access. To simplify the work of network administrators, TRONTEQ has developed ROQSTAR Label. This web-based application/service is designed for managing vehicle fleet networks remotely. The application makes use of data generated by ROQSTAR Studio. When changes are made to vehicles, the tool promptly updates their status in the database.

Feature Overview

Remote Management:

  • Web-based application
  • Real-time database updates

Scheduled Tasks:

  • Allows for scheduled update tasks for specific time periods (e.g., during vehicle inspections or off-duty hours)

Software and Configuration Updates:

  • Supports updates of software and configurations
  • Enables basic validation of running configurations and device states

The Right Application for Every Project Stage


  • Design visualization
  • Template design for vehicles
  • Component management
  • Network settings management
  • Designed for the network engineers and system architects

ROQSTAR Stage Manager

  • Vehicle network visualization
  • Loading all predefined data by vehicle ID
  • Supports installation
  • Performs design rule check
  • Generates test protocols
  • Designed for technicians working on the vehicle


  • Network monitoring for the vehicle fleets
  • Loading all predefined data by vehicle ID
  • Performs remote software or configuration updates
  • Supports scheduled tasks
  • Designed for network administrators

Made for ROQSTARs

ROQSTAR Entourage is the perfect companion for all ROQSTAR M12 Managed Ethernet Switches. Discover our range of Managed M12 Ethernet switches, made to help public transport operators create robust and reliable vehicle networks.

Our products are fundamental for the digitalization in public transport. ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches provide the network infrastructure for e-ticketing, passenger counting systems (PCS), dynamic passenger information (DPI) and closed-circuit television (CCTV).


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