Remote Management and Maintenance for Vehicle Networks


Maintaining optimal IP network performance on buses and trams during their operation can be challenging. ROQSTAR Label is a powerful web app made to solve these issues by automating tasks and enabling network administrators remote access to all ROQSTAR Ethernet switches within a fleet for immediate updates and data collection.

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Fleet Overview

ROQSTAR Label offers a digital mirror of the entire fleet, providing a bird’s eye view of the operational status of each Ethernet switch. This capability allows network administrators to oversee and maintain the IP networks within the vehicles remotely.

Fleet Management

ROQSTAR Label enables remote software and configuration updates of the Ethernet switches. It also performs basic validation of running configurations and device state, helping identify and resolve issues. With scheduled update tasks, you can minimize disruption to your operations by choosing specific times for updates, such as during vehicle inspections or when the vehicle is off duty.

Vehicle Integration

Adding new vehicle templates to the system is possible any time, thus creating a complete digital twin of the entire fleet within the ROQSTAR Label. Each template encapsulates the specific network configuration of a vehicle, inclusive of metadata and switch configurations. 

Made for ROQSTARs

ROQSTAR Label is the perfect companion for all ROQSTAR M12 Managed Ethernet Switches. Discover our range of Managed M12 Ethernet switches, made to help public transport operators create robust and reliable vehicle networks.

Our products are fundamental for the digitalization in public transport. ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches provide the network infrastructure for e-ticketing, passenger counting systems (PCS), dynamic passenger information (DPI) and closed-circuit television (CCTV).


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