Transforming Montpellier’s Trams with ROQSTAR Ethernet Switches

Montpellier, France 

Vehicles: 86 trams

Performance: 100 million passengers per year


  • Carry out the digital transformation of the fleet in order to standardize and modernize current and future telematics
  • Increase passenger satisfaction with reliable real-time information 
  • Collect usage data of the tramway in order to optimize the management of public transport services


  • Implementing a high-performing and scalable embedded IP network infrastructure
  • Choosing an offer adapted to the demanding technical constraints of tramways, while respecting economic stakes
  • Ensuring the reliability of the Ethernet infrastructure as the backbone of all onboard services (IV, CCTV, PA, passenger counting, etc.)

Devices installed: 330

Tram Tramway de Montpellier public transport transit transportation in France

TaM at a Glance

The showcase of Mediterranean public transport, TaM, is the official name of Montpellier’s public transport network managed by the Société de Transport de l’Agglomération de Montpellier (STAM) since 2021. It includes tramway lines, buses, local shuttles, as well as interurban bus and TER train lines. It is funded by the Montpellier Agglomeration Council. TaM has opted for free public transport. It offers additional services, such as online transport maps, real-time information, and bike rental and carpooling services. It transports 100 million passengers per year on a network totaling more than 1,000 km.

million passengers per year


bus lines

TaM’s Retrofit Project Enhances Trams with Modern Onboard Systems

TaM’s Citadis 302 and 402 trams, which have been in service since the mid-2000s, required a major modernization to improve service quality for both passengers and the operator itself. To meet these new requirements, TaM launched a retrofit project to transform the onboard systems with modern telematics. The project involved the use of Ethernet switches to create a high-performing IP network, which serves as the backbone of all onboard telematics like real-time passenger information displays, passenger counting system, CCTV and Wi-fi.

Why TaM Chose TRONTEQ’s ROQSTAR Switches to Achieve Its Connected Tramway Vision

To achieve its goal of a modern and scalable onboard telematics system that would provide a connected and communicative tramway, TaM collaborated with a local integrator and installer to identify the most appropriate Ethernet switches for the project. During the preliminary studies, TaM selected TRONTEQ’s ROQSTAR Ethernet switches, which are specifically designed for urban and suburban public transport and are certified EN50155 and ITxPT. These switches offer compact dimensions, fast network configuration, and remote device management features.

In addition to providing a reliable and compelling product, TRONTEQ also offered technical advice on IP networks specific to tramways during the implementation of the project. This allowed TaM to optimize infrastructure requirements and select the most appropriate Ethernet infrastructure for the project.

Managed Gigabit ROQSTAR Switches Enable Reliable and Efficient Onboard Telematics for TaM

TaM’s project required a high-performance IP network for its onboard telematics system, which was best met by ROQSTAR M12 Managed Gigabit switches. Equipped with advanced functions like automatic deployment of configurations and requiring no maintenance, these switches significantly reduce vehicle downtime. Moreover, remote management via standard methods like OpenAPI ensures efficient management of the tramway fleet.

By utilizing ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet switches, TaM was able to achieve its vision of a reliable and efficient onboard telematics system, thus ensuring the digital future of its tramway fleet.

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Our products are fundamental for the digitalization in public transport. ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches provide the network infrastructure for e-ticketing, passenger counting systems (PCS), dynamic passenger information (DPI) and closed-circuit television (CCTV).


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