M12 Ethernet Switches

TRONTEQ’s ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches are specially designed for networking IP-based components in public transport vehicles. More than 130 customers from 16 countries use our certified M12 Ethernet Switches for the digitalization of their vehicle fleets consisting of mass transit buses, trains and streetcars.


ROQSTAR M12 Managed Ethernet Switches

ROQSTAR Managed M12 Ethernet Switches enable the management, configuration and monitoring of networks in public transport vehicles. The devices also provide basic features such as DHCP, VLAN and PoE. The portfolio consists of 8-, 10- and 16-port models. All models have E1 approval according to UNECE R10 and R118 for road vehicles. In addition, the Gigabit switches are approved according to EN 50155, EN 50121 and EN 45545 for light rail vehicles. Thus, TRONTEQ offers managed switches for both buses and streetcars.

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Order number FE Ports GE Ports PoE Push-Pull Link
006-130-102 8
006-130-109 8
006-130-117 8 2
006-130-118 8 2
006-130-124 12 4
006-130-125 12 4
006-130-126 12 4
006-130-127 12 4


ROQSTAR M12 Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

With ROQSTAR M12 Unmanaged Ethernet Switches you can realize small, simple onboard networks quickly and without additional effort. You have the choice between devices with 8 and 10 ports, which, depending on the switch, are supplemented with additional functionalities such as PoE and Gigabit transmission. All models have E1 approval according to UNECE R10 and R118. The ideal field of application for the ROQSTAR Unmanaged M12 Ethernet Switches are IP networks without management requirements in city buses.

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Order number FE Ports GE Ports PoE Link
006-130-100 8
006-130-106 8
006-130-105 8
006-130-110 8
006-130-113 10
006-130-114 10
006-130-115 8 2
006-130-116 8 2

ROQSTAR M12 PoE Ethernet Switches

The ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches with Power over Ethernet (PoE) supply power to all network nodes that require it. Whether with 8, 10, 12 or 16 ports – our PoE switches are available in variants that cover every need. In the usual compact design, the ROQSTAR PoE M12 Ethernet switches network peripheral devices in both buses and streetcars. All models have E1 approval according to UNECE R10 and R118. The Gigabit switches are also certified according to EN 50155, EN 50121 and EN 45545 and are therefore suitable for installation in rail vehicles.

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Order number FE Ports GE Ports Management Push-Pull Link
006-130-106 8 nein
006-130-110 8 nein
006-130-109 8 ja
006-130-114 10 nein
006-130-116 8 2 nein
006-130-118 8 2 ja
006-130-125 12 4 ja
006-130-127 12 4 ja

ROQSTAR M12 EN 50155 Ethernet Switches

ROQSTAR M12 EN 50155 Ethernet Switches are certified for use in rail vehicles. All devices of this series are managed switches, with which intelligent IP networks in trams/streetcars can be realized. Gigabit ports are available, enabling a transmission rate of 1000 MBit/s. Thanks to integrated bypass relays, fail-safe line topologies are possible. All printed circuit boards are protected by a special lacquer.

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Order number FE Ports GE Ports Management PoE Push-Pull Link
006-130-117 8 2 ja
006-130-118 8 2 ja
006-130-124 12 4 ja
006-130-125 12 4 ja
006-130-126 12 4 ja
006-130-127 12 4 ja

ROQSTAR M12 Gigabit Ethernet Switches

In addition to a higher data transmission rate of up to 1000MBit/s, the ROQSTAR Gigabit Ethernet Switches offer more extensive software functions. They support DHCP client/server/relay/option82, DHCP per VLAN segment, redundancy, NAT for more complex networks. The portfolio includes 10-port devices, with two ports supporting Gigabit and eight ports supporting Fast Ethernet. All models have E1 approval according to UNECE R10 and R118 as well as railroad approval according to EN 50155, EN 50121 and EN 45545. The ideal application area for ROQSTAR Gigabit Switches are light rail vehicles such as streetcars/trams, but also articulated buses.

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Order number FE Ports GE Ports Management PoE Push-Pull Link
006-130-105 8 nein
006-130-110 8 nein
006-130-115 8 2 nein
006-130-116 8 2 nein
006-130-117 8 2 ja
006-130-118 8 2 ja
006-130-124 12 4 ja
006-130-125 12 4 ja
006-130-126 12 4 ja
006-130-127 12 4 ja

These Customers Rely on Our M12 Ethernet Switches  

Le Tec

M12 Ethernet Switches for Public Transport

M12 Connectors

All ROQSTAR switches are equipped exclusively with M12 connectors. This ensures an uninterrupted connection under the special conditions in buses & Co.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

All ROQSTAR Ethernet switches are also available with PoE. This means that network nodes can be supplied with power directly via the switch if required.

Standards: ITxPT, E1, EN 50155

All ROQSTAR Ethernet switches meet the ITxPT standards for standardized data transmission in public transport vehicles and are approved according to E1 for road vehicles. In addition, our Gigabit switches are certified according to EN 50155 for rail vehicles.

>> Learn more about the standards


With TRONTEQ, we found the ideal switch provider for our digitization project. They were able to understand our project exactly, explained the various options to us and showed us the advantages and disadvantages. The ROQSTAR managed switch we chose was delivered promptly and installed with absolutely no problems. We are extremely satisfied with the devices and happy that we have achieved our first goal: To reliably provide real-time traffic information to our TüBus passengers.

Robert Kugler

Team Leader Traffic Engineering, Stadtwerke Tübingen GmbH

This Distinguishes TRONTEQ as a Manufacturer of M12 Ethernet Switches

Specialization in Public Transport
TRONTEQ’s focus is entirely on public transport. As a result, we want to offer this industry the maximum benefit from Ethernet technology. In other words, our greatest ambition is to develop products that make it easier for mass transit operators to digitize their vehicle fleets over IP networks. To achieve this, we value dialog and exchange with you, our customers. On the one hand, we provide you with advice and support. On the other hand, we listen to your pain points and wishes, which are the driving force behind our product development. Because we want to get better and better and offer our numerous customers ever smarter solutions – tailored to the needs of the public transport industry.
Specialization in Ethernet switches

Ethernet technology stands for the simplification of complex processes through networking. Numerous industries benefit from this, including the public transport sector. Ethernet switches are the basis of every network – they fulfill the function of links between the network participants. Since they play a fundamental role, their characteristics are all the more important.

With the ROQSTAR product series, we have created various Ethernet switches for use in public transport that combine the durability of a rock (ROQ) with the extraordinary qualities of a star. Our ROQSTARs interconnect IP-based components within a network in public transport buses and streetcars. And because they have been specially developed for public transport, they also have other advantages that simplify installation and operation in the vehicle. And they are getting better at it. Because TRONTEQ develops switches with the aim of pushing forward the digital transformation of public transport.

Compliance With All Relevant Norms And Standards

From fire protection to interoperability – ROQSTAR Ethernet switches meet all norms and standards for public transport vehicles. All our devices bear the UN E-mark (E1) and are thus approved for use in road vehicles. ROQSTAR Gigabit Switches also meet the requirements for installation in rail vehicles. These can be recognized by the EN 50155 mark. 

With its membership in the international organization for interoperability in public transport ITxPT, TRONTEQ has committed itself to offering only devices that comply with firmly defined technical standards. Not only is the compatibility of our Ethernet switches ensured – we are also committed to standardizing IP communication in public transport instead of being dependent on proprietary and vendor-specific software.

Made in Germany

From Germany to the world. ROQSTAR Ethernet switches are manufactured at the company headquarters in Reutlingen. This is where all of TRONTEQ’s business units are located. Our approach has proven itself – even in times of crisis. We can guarantee short-term availability for the majority of our series products. We usually deliver retrofit projects or new equipment for vehicle fleets quickly and on time.

Laboratory Testing: Test M12 Switches at No Obligation

Curious to experience our ROQSTAR Ethernet switches in practice? Order one or more test devices now without any obligation and see for yourself. Convinced? Then we look forward to supporting you and your digitalization project with all the resources and know-how at our disposal. 

Our products are fundamental for the digitalization in public transport. ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches provide the network infrastructure for e-ticketing, passenger counting systems (PCS), dynamic passenger information (DPI) and closed-circuit television (CCTV).


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