TRONTEQ Partners with McKenna Brothers to Elevate Passenger Transport in the UK

United Kingdom


  • Improving passenger experiences
  • Ensuring the reliability of onboard technologies in buses throughout the UK

Devices installed: 200+

TRONTEQ Elevates a Legacy of Innovation in Intelligent Transport Systems

As part of its dedication to delivering top-tier network switches for the public transport sector, TRONTEQ has established a collaboration with McKenna Brothers, highlighting its commitment to industry excellence. A leader in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), McKenna Brothers has been at the forefront of providing high-quality destination displays and onboard technologies since its inception in April 1978.

McKenna Brothers is actively involved in upgrading buses for well-known manufacturers like Wrightbus, MCV, and Alexander Dennis. Its strong connections with clients and authorities in the UK, including Transport for London (TFL), attest to its industry leadership. Beyond its work in destination displays, McKenna Brothers are also making waves in the ticketing projects for Transport for Greater Manchester (TFGM).

It’s also worth noting that McKenna Brothers holds the prestigious position of being the Group Distributor of Luminator Technology Group (LTG) in the UK. LTG is one of TRONTEQ’s esteemed customers, highlighting the synergy within our network of partners.

The Perfect Switch to Ensure Reliability of Technologies in UK Buses

McKenna Brothers’ decision to partner with TRONTEQ was driven by the company’s search for reliable suppliers who could meet its exacting standards. TRONTEQ’s competitive offer, paired with the exceptional quality of our products, made us the perfect fit for their needs.

To enhance the next stop announcement systems and ensure the reliability of onboard technologies in Wright Buses across the UK, McKenna Brothers have chosen our 8-Port Unmanaged Switches. Since then, the collaboration between TRONTEQ and McKenna Brothers has continued to flourish with further plans for expansion, solidifying the ongoing success of our partnership.

Ian Grimshaw, Head of Operations at McKenna Brothers, shares his thoughts on our partnership: “We look forward to furthering this successful collaboration and continuing to innovate for the betterment of passenger transport systems across the UK. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from TRONTEQ and McKenna Brothers as we journey toward a brighter future in public transportation.”

TRONTEQ's innovative solutions have seamlessly integrated with our mission to provide top-notch passenger transport experiences. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has made them the perfect partner in our journey to 'Clearly lead the way' in the industry.

Ian Grimshaw

Head of Operations, McKenna Brothers

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