TRONTEQ Introduces 10-Port Gigabit Switches for Line Vehicles
16 Nov, 2022

TRONTEQ, the world’s only manufacturer that produces Ethernet switches only for bus and rail, has expanded its ROQSTAR Ethernet switch product family with new 10-port Gigabit M12 switches. The devices are available in four variants, each with and without management functions as well as with and without Power over Ethernet (PoE). In this way, TRONTEQ aims to offer public transport operators and vehicle manufacturers more options when setting up networks in vehicles.

“IP networks in vehicles should provide reliable data flow. With 10 Gigabit ports, our new ROQSTAR switches meet the growing demand for data-intensive applications such as CCTV and passenger WLAN,” explained Eugen Martinevski, Managing Director of TRONTEQ GmbH. “Especially for large IP networks, such as those found in articulated buses and trams, the 10-port Gigabit switches show their strength.”

The two unmanaged switches are easy-to-use plug-and-play devices that are ready for operation in less than two seconds. The managed switches enable network segmentation and monitoring, among other features. Thanks to Network Address Translation (NAT), these switches can forward data traffic to different subnets. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of automated configuration distribution within an IP network, which is unique for TRONTEQ in the public transport industry.

The new devices are presented in the compact metal housing typical for the ROQSTAR product family. They are equipped with M12 connectors, which ensure stable data transmission despite the shock and vibrations that prevail in buses and rail vehicles. The devices have E1 approvals for road vehicles and EN 50155 for rail vehicles. An ITxPT label attests to their interoperability within IT systems.

The 10-port Gigabit switches are available for order now. TRONTEQ will also provide product samples upon request.

ROQSTAR 10 Port M12 Unmanaged Gigabit Switch, 006-130-130

ROQSTAR 10 Port M12 Unmanaged Gigabit PoE Switch, 006-130-131

ROQSTAR 10 Port M12 Managed Gigabit Switch, 006-130-132

ROQSTAR 10 Port M12 Managed Gigabit PoE Switch, 006-130-133


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Our products are fundamental for the digitalization in public transport. ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches provide the network infrastructure for e-ticketing, passenger counting systems (PCS), dynamic passenger information (DPI) and closed-circuit television (CCTV).


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