IT-TRANS 2022 Review: News and Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Networks

19 May, 2022

IT-TRANS 2022 ended its eighth edition on May 12 and TRONTEQ was once again part of the international exhibition on intelligent mobility as an exhibitor. The event attracted 6500 visitors from 71 countries who came to learn about innovative solutions in public transport that are already a reality today. Right at the forefront – the topic of digitalization, in which TRONTEQ also plays a role with Ethernet switches for IP networks in vehicles. Accordingly, trade visitors actively used the opportunity to learn in detail about our special solutions for vehicle networks.

These Topics Around Vehicle IP Networks Fascinated IT-TRANS Visitors

The Ethernet switch as an enabler of digitalization in buses and streetcars

WLAN routers, CCTV, passenger counting systems – all modern systems that generally help to improve the service in public transport vehicles. Intelligent networks are required to enable the flow of data and, if necessary, the interaction of on-board systems. These are ensured by our ROQSTAR Ethernet switches – the only ones manufactured exclusively for public transport and therefore highly appreciated by the public. Hence, our switches have all the necessary features for use in buses and trains (including robustness, compactness, E1, EN50155 and ITxPT certification), but also offer additional added value.

The retrofit project: Partially automated and as simple as possible

Our trade show motto “Using Ethernet Switches Doesn’t Need to Be So Hard – Let’s Skip to the Good Part” referred in particular to the added values provided by our ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches. We presented the latest example of this, the ROQSTAR Stage Manager, for the first time at IT-TRANS. Visitors to the booth were able to watch how the configuration of the entire vehicle network is done visually and literally at the push of a button. The great interest shows that TRONTEQ is revolutionizing IP networks in public transport with solutions of this kind.

ROQSTAR Stage Manager is an effective tool for the initial commissioning of the network infrastructure in public transport vehicles. It thus makes an important contribution to the integrated and effective implementation of the digitalization of all IT devices in the vehicle.  We are constantly developing the concept further and thereby aim to provide customers with practical and effective support. TRONTEQ’s approach was met with a positive response throughout – or as one visitor told us: “Once we start retrofitting, we want to do it properly. Nobody wants to have to start all over again in two years. To do that, we need competent partners just like you guys.”



Frequently asked questions that trade visitors asked about Ethernet switches

What support does TRONTEQ offer?

From concept to configuration to operation, TRONTEQ draws on a wealth of knowledge from countless retrofit projects to provide transit agencies with the best possible support at every stage. Be it with the help of technology or best practices. For example, we offer several options for network configuration at once – replacing the laborious configuration of each individual device with an API interface or using ROQSTAR Stage Manager.

How do TRONTEQ’s delivery times currently look like?

Shortages and supply bottlenecks are currently affecting our industry as well. TRONTEQ operates a smart supplier management system, which has enabled us to keep on delivering all orders on time, almost without exceptions. We are currently in a position to serve customers reliably.

What is possible with ROQSTAR Stage Manager?

ROQSTAR Stage Manager is primarily designed to automate the configuration and commissioning of onboard networks in buses and streetcars. For this purpose, it is connected to the network once and the entire network configuration can be loaded onto it. In addition, it also provides an overview of the network and shows all connected devices as well as their type/names and status. This is useful to check the network for completeness and functionality after commissioning.


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Our products are fundamental for the digitalization in public transport. ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches provide the network infrastructure for e-ticketing, passenger counting systems (PCS), dynamic passenger information (DPI) and closed-circuit television (CCTV).


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