IDELIS Pau: Building a Scalable IP Network with ROQSTAR Ethernet Switches

Pau, France 

Vehicles: 8 BNHS Van Hool and 95 standard buses

Performance: 8+ million passengers per year (as of 2022) 


  • Prepare onboard systems for current and future demands  
  • Establish a secure and uniform IP network according to ITxPT
  • Segregate flows between systems


  • Pro adapt to technological advancements like connected buses, predictive maintenance, and IP-based video protection
  • Address system incompatibility and interface expenses, while resolving the absence of fault reporting in the SAEIV subsystem
  • Efficiently manage upcoming vehicle renewals and provide valuable assistance to regulatory agents in their decision-making process

IDELIS at a Glance

The city of Pau showcases an efficient public transport backbone, called IDELIS, that is managed by SPL STAP. The network comprises 107 buses covering Pau and nearby areas. A key feature is the BHNS (BRT) line, connecting the city north to south. Complementing this, downtown travel is eased by free shuttles. Additionally, “IDEcycle” self-service bicycles offer an eco-friendly choice. With versatile timetables and ticket options, IDELIS prioritizes seamless commuting, congestion reduction, and sustainable travel.

million passengers per year

standard buses

hydrogen buses

A Project with an Eye on the Future

IDELIS’s project is committed to enhancing service quality for both passengers and the operator itself by modernizing the Van Hool bus fleet. At the heart of this initiative lies the incorporation of state-of-the-art telematics technologies into the onboard systems. A crucial component of building a high-performance IP network that precisely addresses the operator’s current challenges, is the deployment of Ethernet switches.

The IP network is the base for various advanced telematics functions, expanding to CAN bus level and following ITxPT standards. These functionalities include the seamless integration of open payment solutions, segregation of ticketing flows, alarm notifications for In-Vehicle (IV) systems and Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) setups, as well as the introduction of real-time video streaming triggered by distress scenarios and remote database updates. This infrastructure is meant to be standard in all forthcoming vehicles.

Why IDELIS Pau Teamed Up with TRONTEQ

In pursuit of its goal to build a scalable system integrating both current and future elements, IDELIS conducted thorough research that led them to TRONTEQ’s ROQSTAR Ethernet switches. Made for city transport and with E-Mark and ITxPT certifications, these switches offer crucial project features like a compact design, rapid network setup, secure VLAN flow, and allow remote device management.

Beyond providing a reliable and compelling product, TRONTEQ proved to be an expert in developing IP networks tailored to buses. The technical guidance extended by the TRONTEQ team enabled IDELIS to precisely refine infrastructure requirements and select the most appropriate Ethernet setup for the project.

High Availability Guaranteed with ROQSTAR Gigabit Switches

The IDELIS fleet modernization project demanded an IP network of the highest caliber for its onboard telematics system. In response, IDELIS made the strategic choice of ROQSTAR M12 Managed Gigabit switches.

The main advantages of these switches lye in their advanced capabilities, including automatic configuration deployment and maintenance-free operation, resulting in significantly reduced vehicle downtime. Additionally, their remote management capabilities via standard methods like OpenAPI ensure streamlined fleet management.

With the integration of ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet switches, IDELIS not only fulfilled its vision of a dependable and efficient onboard system but also paved the way for a digital future for its vehicle fleet.

Thanks to the implemented infrastructure, we have achieved automatic reporting for onboard services. In relation to maintenance, vehicle unavailability will be minimized, as tasks can be executed remotely and on a scheduled basis.

Sylvain Mottet

Head of Low Voltage and Information Systems Department, IDELIS

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Our products are fundamental for the digitalization in public transport. ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches provide the network infrastructure for e-ticketing, passenger counting systems (PCS), dynamic passenger information (DPI) and closed-circuit television (CCTV).


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