Road Vehicles

Bus, trolley, tram

Railway Vehicles

Train, urban railway, underground

ITxPT Label

Information Technology for Public Transport

E1 for Road Vehicles

Special rules apply to the installation parts in vehicles, compliance with which is the responsibility of the designated market surveillance authority. Electronic built-in devices require a type approval. In order to obtain type approval, the type must be tested by the technical service and the manufacturing plant must be periodically audited by the market surveillance authority. After successful testing, the product receives an ECE test mark (E-mark). This mark is visible on every device and certifies that the device has a type approval. The E-mark also shows in which UN country the approval was granted. E1 stands for Germany, E2 for France, E5 for Sweden etc. The requirements are specified in standardised UN regulations. UN ECE R10 (EMC) and UN ECE R118 (fire protection) are relevant for ROQSTAR equipment, for example. All ROQSTAR devices have E1 approval for use in road vehicles.

EN 50155 for Railway Vehicles

The use of electronic devices in rail vehicles is subject among other things to internationally recognised standards: EN 50155 describes the electrical and environmental conditions for operation; EN 50121 – describes the requirements with regard to EMC; EN 45545 fire protection requirements in the railway vehicle. In addition, EN 50155 defines the scope for type testing and routine testing in production. A declaration of conformity by the manufacturer and a technical test report from an accredited laboratory certify compliance with the standard requirements. ROQSTAR Gigabit devices meet the requirements for installation and use in rail vehicles. To protect the printed circuit boards, all ROQSTAR printed circuit boards are painted (conformal coating).

ITxPT – a Label for Interoperability

This standard stands for ‘Information Technology for Public Transport’ and describes the requirements for the use of IT systems in public transport. The focus is on data exchange within the IT systems and thus on interoperability. One of the technical goals of ITxPT is to define an architecture to enable the communication of data via standardised protocols instead of proprietary and manufacturer-bound software. ITxPT has its own test laboratory and ensures the conformity of systems and devices through testing. After successful testing, the device receives an ITxPT label and a test report to certify its compliance with the ITxPT specification. The labelled products are published in the ITxPT catalogue. All ROQSTAR devices possess ITxPT labels and comply with the ITxPT standard.

Our products are fundamental for the digitalization in public transport. ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches provide the network infrastructure for e-ticketing, passenger counting systems (PCS), dynamic passenger information (DPI) and closed-circuit television (CCTV).


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