ROQSTAR 4GE+12FE M12 Push-Pull Managed Gigabit PoE Switch


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The ROQSTAR Managed PoE Switch up to 62 Watt PoE output power. It has an internal isolated DC/DC converter and is supplied with 24 VDC. The ultra-compact and robust Ethernet switch is the perfect solution for tight spaces in buses and trams. The managed switch offers a total of 4 Gigabit ports for Ethernet backbone and broadband applications. Furthermore, it has a bypass relay to maintain data traffic in case of a switch failure in the network. ROQSTAR 4GE+12FE Managed PoE is a configurable Layer 2 switch. It supports Layer 2 functions such as VLANs and port-based DHCP. It also provides diagnostic data of the IP network and can send an alarm to the backend in case of a failure. The unit is housed in a robust metal enclosure and has M12 quick-release connectors for fast installation and secure data transmission.



ROQSTAR Gigabit Managed PoE is an Ethernet switch designed for public transport applications. The switch can be configured via an easy-to-use web interface and via a USB interface. The Layer 2 switch has management functions to realise network segmentation and redundant ring topology networks. It can also be used for automatic IP address configuration. With its high port density in combination with M12 quick connectors, it is particularly suitable for retrofitting public transport vehicles.

Typical applications:

  • Onboard passenger Wi-Fi
  • Realtime passenger information systems
  • Gigabit backbone for CCTV
  • Automatic IP address configuration
  • Segmentation of networks for critical data like contactless payment systems
  • Passenger counting systems


Reduces time and cost for installation due to quick release M12 connectors

Enables Gigabit backbone in public transport vehicles

Diagnosis during operation via SNMP and ITxPT Inventory and xStatus

Highly reliablility and availability for critical data like payment or CCTV
Plug & play replacement of IP devices

Fast installation thanks to M12 quick-release connectors

Uniform IP addresses in vehicles through NAT

Technical Data
  • IEEE 802.3 for 10BaseT
  • IEEE 802.3u for 100BaseTX
  • IEEE 802.3ab for 1000BaseTX
  • 4 x M12 x-coded Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • 12 x M12 d-coded Ethernet ports
  • Bypass relay on 2 Gigabit ports
  • Power input: 12/24/48 VDC
  • Power port: M12 L-coded, redundant
  • Mounting: Wall mount
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Size: 217 x 122 x 60 mm
  • Operating: -40 °C to +70 °C
  • Storage: -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Humidity: 10 % to 90 %
  • PoE/PoE+ on 8 ports
  • 62 Watt total PoE power budget
  • DHCP server/client
  • Tag based VLANs
  • Ring redundancy RSTP
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • CE, E1 (R10, R118)
  • EN50155, EN50121
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ROQSTAR 4GE+12FE M12 Push-Pull Managed Gigabit PoE Switch

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Our products are fundamental for the digitalization in public transport. ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches provide the network infrastructure for e-ticketing, passenger counting systems (PCS), dynamic passenger information (DPI) and closed-circuit television (CCTV).


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