Software Release
GE 2.2.0
26 May, 2021

A new firmware release is available for customers using ROQSTAR 16-Port Managed Gigabit Switches. Version GE 2.2.0 premiers the simultaneous configuration rollout of multiple switches. The new release can be ordered from us on request. New customers can specify the software version to be installed ex works when ordering. Accordingly, we deliver the units with the respective desired software version. Old software versions are also operationally stable. We point out to our customers that it only makes sense to install updates when errors occur or when new features are needed. Please also make sure that your vehicle fleet is equipped with the same software version.

Release Notes GE 2.2.0

Previous Version: GE 2.1.0
Models: 006-130-117, 006-130-118, 006-130-124, 006-130-125, 006-130-126, 006-130-127

Adding new features

New Features

  • DHCP Configuration Deployment: Configuration deployment enables simultaneous rollout of multiple switches.
  • Configuration File Storage: Allows storage of configuration files for other devices.
  • NAT: Network Address Translation for IPv4 addresses: 1:1 NAT / PAT with Masquerading option.
  • ITxPT xstatus: This provides an option for simple diagnostics/monitoring using DNS-SD and the service records specified by ITxPT.
  • LED signaling: The behavior of the MOD and CFG LEDs changed.

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