Opportunities for Public Transport Through Digitalization

The digitalization of public transport offers new opportunities for transport companies to provide their passengers with consistently attractive offers and services and to optimise their own operations. We provide an overview of the most important aspects of digitalisation in public transport and how TRONTEQ supports the industry in driving forward the implementation of digitalization.

Passengers Ride More Comfortably

Mobility is a basic human need. The backbone of mobility, especially in conurbations and metropolitan areas, is local public transport, consisting of buses, trams and underground trains. Passenger numbers are expected to double within the next 10 years. This is because thanks to digitalization and networking, local public transport is becoming increasingly popular. New, flexible sharing offers will close the gap of the “last mile” and thus further increase the attractiveness of public transport. Integrated, multimodal platforms that provide better and faster information and simple payment systems are just some of the conveniences that will make public transport more comfortable than ever before.

  • Live data provides information on the location and punctuality of public transport as well as current connection options. Generally, up-to-date or real-time passenger information on all vehicles in the locality/area is made possible.
  • Bus and train utilisation can be determined in real time and made available to passengers so that they can make their journey as comfortable as possible. Example: The train that leaves in five minutes is 90% full, but the one in 10 minutes is only 40% full – so I’d rather take the second one.
  • Contactless payment by card or smartphone ensures stress-free travel, even across fare boundaries.
  • Networked video surveillance offers passengers a greater sense of security on buses and trains.
  • Free Wi-Fi can only benefit many public transport passengers, especially on longer journeys.


Transport Companies are Evolving Beyond Pure Transport Services

Digitalization in public transport does not only offer opportunities for transport companies in terms of route planning and fleet management. Various opportunities are opening up for transport companies to evolve into platform and service companies. This requires the timely establishment of digital platforms in order to make all of the company’s services and mobility services accessible in a smart and simple way. The key to success: contact with customers and responsible handling of their data.

The benefits of digitalization for transport companies at a glance:

  • Optimise route planning based on utilisation data over time
  • Optimising the driving characteristics of drivers to save fuel or enable a more pleasant driving style
  • Fleet management: When does which vehicle need to go to the workshop and why?
  • Optimal disposition of vehicles: Where and when is a solo or an articulated bus useful?
  • Video data is immediately available in the event of accidents or an emergency call in the vehicle
  • Networking with other sectors such as energy supply creates completely new business opportunities for transport companies

Access to services as well as different cross-sector services will become more and more central to the business model in the future.  

Basic Requirements for Digitalization in Public Transport

Digitalization in public transport can only be marked by success if transport companies manage to master the challenge of controlling large amounts of data. The IP network infrastructure plays a key role in this. To enable an efficient network infrastructure in public transport vehicles, TRONTEQ is working on new and innovative solutions – always with a view to the current needs of transport companies and associations.

Ethernet has also established itself as a communication standard in public transport. The use of standards based on it, such as IBIS-IP and ITxPT, is an essential success factor for the implementation of digitalization in the public transport sector. As a result, transport companies gain vendor independence and benefit from a wider choice of components, which ultimately leads to cost reductions. With a broad product portfolio of Ethernet switches, TRONTEQ provides the necessary, intelligent IP networking in public transport – the basis on which all functions and systems are built. In addition, we see ourselves as a partner at the side of transport companies. We see our tasks in particular in sharing our industry experience and know-how in the field of networking with transport companies.

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Our products are fundamental for the digitalization in public transport. ROQSTAR M12 Ethernet Switches provide the network infrastructure for e-ticketing, passenger counting systems (PCS), dynamic passenger information (DPI) and closed-circuit television (CCTV).


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