Coming Soon: ROQSTAR Label Manager
15 Feb, 2023

A new addition to the ROQSTAR Universe is on its way: ROQSTAR Label Manager is TRONTEQ’s new tool to facilitate the maintenance of ROQSTAR Ethernet switches. 

ROQSTAR Label Manager Featured Image

ROQSTAR Ethernet switches are made solely for use in public transport vehicles. Such being the case, TRONTEQ is continuously working on their improvement to offer added value that meets the specific needs of our customers and users. While digitalization of buses and trains provides clear benefits to passengers, new technologies can also be of use to public transport companies to help optimize their internal processes. Fleet management and maintenance are among them. 

With Ethernet switches playing a key role in vehicle networks, their remote maintenance is a feature, we’ve been asked for many times. After months of work, our Development team lead by Raúl Leiva Duque is ready to present the ROQSTAR Label Manager – an application for remote configuration and maintenance of fleets. It makes it possible to create an overview of your entire fleet and manage each and every Ethernet switch in the network simply from a computer. This includes installing and scheduling new configuration updates, live information about the availability of switches and software updates for the switches.  

In order to do so, vehicle templates need to be imported to the ROQSTAR Label Manager. These templates represent the network configuration for the vehicle, including its metadata and switch configurations. The templates are then being stored in the ROQSTAR Label Manager database, thus creating a virtual copy of the actual fleet.   

The following functionalities are available with ROQSTAR Label Manager: 

  • Fleet digitalization 
  • Consulting the configuration of any of the fleet’s vehicles 
  • Check the status of any switch (online/offline) in any of the fleet’s vehicles 
  • Validation and check of the digitalization of vehicles using the diagnose functionality 
  • Unlimited configuration installation in any of the fleet’s vehicles 
  • Unlimited software updates in any of the fleet’s vehicles 
  • Scheduling of configuration or software updates in a specific range of date and time 
  • Immediate execution of configuration or software updates in emergency cases 

    “Wherever ROQSTAR Managed Ethernet Switches are in use, our new application ROQSTAR Label Manager comes handy. And the best part is that it will be made available to all interested TRONTEQ customers with no ifs, ands or buts. ROQSTAR Label Manager is simply another extra that our Ethernet switches offer to transport operators and I can’t wait to hear their feedback from the field”, says Raúl Leiva Duque.  

    Customer demos will start soon and can already be requested. 

    While ROQSTAR Label Manager offers just another way for switch configuration/network management, all previous options are still available. Currently, the following switch configuration options are available to TRONTEQ customers: 

      For a preview of ROQSTAR Label Manager and it’s core functionalities, click through the slideshow.

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